Why Fixed Income is the New Black /

Anne Anderson
Fixed Income

Due to the stability of income it provides, fixed interest can form part of a real returns strategy for younger investors helping them to save for and achieve their financial goals, like saving for a home deposit. In this video, Anne Anderson of UBS Asset Management discusses the merits of using fixed income as an anchor in your portfolio and as part of a holistic investment strategy.



Not all Income is Equal

Volatility and uncertainty have the potential to throw your investment returns off course, which can be an issue, especially the closer you get to retirement. With a low level of volatility, fixed income can provide you with a high degree of confidence in the value and stability of returns over time.



State of Fixed Income in the World Today

With central banks around the world beginning to tighten monetary policy, is Australia likely to follow suit? Anne Anderson of UBS Asset Management discusses the fixed income environment in 2018, what’s happening with monetary policy and what it means for your investments.

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