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CIOs of Super Part 1

In this CPD course,  you will see Vanessa Stoykov, Jenny Josling  and Jason Ciccalollo (Orbis Investments) interview CIOs Sam Sicilia at Hostplus, Ian Patrick at Sunsuper and Kristian Fok at CBUS on their investment strategy, how they value advice, and member engagement and returns.

What you'll learn /

This course will give you insights into:

How super funds manage short-term market movements
Where super funds are entering the banking space
The role of advice referrals in super
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Outline of the course /

How super funds are operating in unchartered waters

While Hostplus CIO Sam Sicilia is deeply committed to protecting his members’ assets, he’s also sanguine about the fact that markets will always go up and down. What matters in super, he argues, is ensuring the best outcome possible over a member’s lifetime.

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Darwinism in Super

What impact did the Royal Commission have on superannuation? According to Hostplus CIO Sam Sicilia, it demonstrated that you’ll come out on top if you keep client and member best interests paramount. But, as he explains, that doesn’t mean anyone can rest on their laurels.

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How to invest a pile of money

What role do super funds have when it comes to combating climate change? If Hostplus CIO Sam Sicilia had his way, a significant one. But first, governments need to step up to the plate.

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What keeps a super fund CIO up at night?

Sunsuper CIO Ian Patrick believes a super fund’s investment strategy should work for all members even in an evolving financial landscape. In this video, he discusses how he and his team stay ahead of the curve.

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Turning an industry inside out

The Royal Commission laid bare many practices that led to misconduct within the financial services industry, but as Sunsuper CIO Ian Patrick explains in this video, if people and teams remain focused on their true purpose, it’s a lot easier to avoid future problems. 

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A different investment strategy

Sunsuper uses a mix of active and passive investments to achieve its return goals, but the decisions come down to where different mandates add value. In this video, CIO Ian Patrick explains how that process works.

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When fund managers have to return money

As super funds grow, they often begin to develop a range of in-house and external investment arrangements. In this video, CBUS CIO Kristian Fok looks at how the fund’s mandate mix operates.

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How are super funds referring advice leads?

As younger super savers begin their working lives, they enter the super space with different expectations to their forebears. In this video, CBUS CIO Kristian Fok looks at how his fund is addressing a new type of member engagement.

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Are super funds disrupting the banking sector?

In this video, CBUS CIO Kristian Fok looks at how super funds are entering the direct lending space - and the impacts that has on the banking sector.

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