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CIOs of Super Part 2

In this CPD course,  you will see Vanessa Stoykov, Jenny Josling  and Jason Ciccalollo (Orbis Investments) interview CIOs Suzanne Branton at CareSuper, Damian Graham at First State Super and Michael Block at Australian Catholic Super on where they see investment opportunities, governance, how they value advice and supporting their members. 

What you'll learn /

This course will give you insights into:

How super funds are using advice networks
The suitability of certain investment strategies for member types
How institutional investors are reshaping the public market
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Outline of the course /

Why a fund’s philosophy & investment approach go hand-in-hand

In this episode, CareSuper CIO Suzanne Branton discusses what it means for a super fund to have an “active approach” - and why CareSuper is known for having a defensive tilt.

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The shifting role of advice in superannuation

CareSuper CIO Suzanne Branton examines the multiple issues many women face when trying to save and invest for retirement, and how they can benefit from financial advice in this regard.

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How super funds find bespoke investment opportunities

CareSuper CIO Suzanne Branton looks at how the fund’s strongly active approach leads them to certain investment decisions, and talks about where they’re looking for opportunities in the future.

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Why super funds need a governance budget

As super funds grow and their mandates increase in complexity, so too does their need for governance strategy. In this video, First State Super CIO Damian Graham explains the idea of a “governance budget” and how it’s used in making investment decisions.

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The acquisition that changed a super fund’s advice approach

In 2016, First State Super acquired StatePlus, with the goal of creating

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How super funds are taking public companies private

As one of the country’s largest super funds, First State Super has a range of internal and external investment arrangements. In this video, CIO Damian Graham talks about how First State Super’s mandate strategy works, and how it uses its size effectively in the market.

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How one CIO rebuilt a fund’s investment approach

When Australian Catholic Super CIO Michael Block joined the fund, it was in the bottom quartile amongst its peer-set. In this video, Block explains how he helped turn it all around.

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The importance of advice in a smaller fund

Given the prevalence of disengagement from super = and the effects this can have on member outcomes - it’s unsurprising Australian Catholic Super CIO Michael Block supports members getting financial advice. In this video, he explains why this is especially important for a smaller fund.

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For life-cycle strategies, the devil’s in the detail

Life-cycle strategies are growing in popularity as a means of smoothing out a member’s super savings throughout their accumulation and retirement phases. But their effectiveness comes down to their design, as Australian Catholic Super CIO Michael Block explains.

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