Allan Gray Australia: Australia Equity Fund

Richard Whiteoak. founder & managing director Whiteoak Capital Partners

The Allan Gray Australia Equity Fund with Richard Whiteoak explores the principles behind a contrarian investment philosophy and how Allan Gray utilises this to access optimum Australian stocks and achieve growth over the long-term. This Money Masters course will also explain why Allan Gray chooses to hire people from outside the industry to manage the fund’s money and how the team applies a ‘margin of safety’ to its investment picks.

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What you'll learn /

The Allan Gray Australia Equity Fund masterclass with Richard Whiteoak will give you insights into:


The principles behind a contrarian investment philosophy
Why Allan Gray chooses to bring in people outside the industry and train them according to its investment approach
The type of investors best suited to the Allan Gray Australia Equity Fund
The fund’s approach to managing risk

About the expert /

Richard Whiteoak /

founder & managing director Whiteoak Capital Partners

Richard Whiteoak is the Founder and Managing Director of Whiteoak Capital Partners, a Sydney-based private investment firm with a distinctive approach to investing in Australian private companies. He is passionate about investing long-term capital in high-quality growing companies, and helping those companies reach their potential. Richard has extensive top-tier professional experience, most recently spending five years as a senior member of the investment team at Allan Gray, a leading Australian equities manager with over $4bn under management. Richard commenced his career as a Medical Doctor and went on to work as a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company before leading the private buyout and development of an Australian healthcare manufacturing business.

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Outline of the course /


Richard Whiteoak is an investment analyst at Allan Gray. Richard works in a team of eight investment professionals on a $4 billion Australian listed equities strategy. The Allan Gray investment philosophy favours long-term, contrarian opportunities and relies on detailed fundamental analysis of potential investments. Richard’s role involves contributing investment ideas to the portfolio, meeting with company management teams and monitoring the performance of our investments.

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Fund philosophy

The Allan Gray Australia Equity Fund is based on the principle of wealth creation through investing in unfavourable stocks in the market.

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Competitive advantage

Not relying on the forecasts of other people or companies and instead choosing to do its own research and groundwork is a key differentiating factor for Allan Gray Australia.

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The team

A strong alignment of interests between Allan Gray Australia’s investment managers and its clients is crucial to how the team operates.

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How we invest money

The investment team seeks out a ‘margin of safety’ between the long-term intrinsic value of a company and today’s market price of those shares when deciding which stocks to invest in.

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The ideal investor

For most investors, having the majority of their wealth in real assets such as equities will provide them with better returns over the long-run.

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Risks and returns

Investors need to remain calm during periods of stock market distress to avoid selling out at the bottom. If possible, they should consider investing more money when markets are down.

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Key considerations for investors

The Allan Gray Australia Equity Fund has outperformed its benchmark since inception. There is always some volatility on the road to long-term outperformance but Allan Gray Australia believes this is a necessary part of investing in the share market.

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