How to assess value in a changing economic landscape

Will Low. head of global equities Nikko Asset Management

Value investing relies on a fund manager’s ability to uncover under-priced assets where others don’t look, or perhaps can’t see them. But in an increasingly complicated global environment, what impact is this having on the way alpha is assessed and managed? In this Thought Leaders video series, Will Low, head of global equities at Nikko Asset Management explores two of the biggest influencing factors to investment management at present, and discusses what this means for the future of investing.


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What you'll learn /

The Nikko Asset Management Thought Leaders course with Will Low will give you insights into:


The impact of quantitative easing on investment decisions
How a low inflation environment is reshaping investment management
Where to find opportunities in disruption
Why active funds management needs new approaches to seeking out value

About the expert /

Will Low /

head of global equities Nikko Asset Management

Will Low is the head of global equities for Nikko Asset Management and has over 27 years’ experience within the investment industry. In this role he leads a team of six experienced investment professionals around managing concentrated global equity mandates. Prior to joining Nikko AM, Will was director of equities at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership. He has also held roles at Blackrock and Dunedin Funds Management.

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Outline of the course /

Investing outside the news cycle

We can’t help but be swayed by news headlines, both in life and in investing. Will Low of Nikko Asset Management explains how focussing too much on short-term noise can have an adverse effect on your investment decision-making and why you might be better off to just ignore it.

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Finding Opportunities Post-Quantitative Easing

Quantitative easing has introduced ‘easy money’ into a number of economies, effectively smoothing out wrinkles or complexities, and propping up some businesses. However, as Will Low of Nikko Asset Management explains, this can make potential alpha even more difficult to spot as the complexities that once served to identify them have now been hidden. Will discusses where opportunities can now be found in a post-QE world and how this is changing value investing.

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Finding Opportunities in Disruption

Disruption is nothing new, and certainly is not all negative as there are plenty of opportunities to be found in industries that are being disrupted if you know where to look. Will Low of Nikko Asset Management discusses how disruption is not only reshaping industries, but funds management and stock-picking tactics.

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