How can Australia Benefit from the Asian Story?

Sam Hallinan. managing director Nikko Asset Management

In this series, Sam Hallinan of Nikko Asset Management examines the trends and events set to impact investing in 2018 and beyond. Sam explores the effect of a growing middle class in China, value investing in developed markets, and the role of advisers in helping their clients to achieve success over time. This Market Update will help you to better understand the Asian story and the impact this is already having on your clients’ investments.

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What you'll learn /

The Nikko Asset Management 2018 Outlook Market Update course with Sam Hallinan will give you insights into:

What trends Nikko Asset Management sees driving investments in 2018
The unique opportunities China presents for Australian investors
Whether value still exists in developed markets
The role advisers need to play to assist the modern investor

About the expert /

Sam Hallinan /

managing director Nikko Asset Management

Sam Hallinan is the managing director of Nikko Asset Management, Australia, and leads a team of 75 people who cover Australian, global and Asian equities, Australian fixed income, and multi asset investments. His career spans over 20 years in the Australian financial services industry and has focussed on asset management, strategy, sales and organisational culture

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Outline of the course /

2018: Has China ‘Come of Age’?

China continues to be a big story for Australia on the back of the mining boom, however, its story of growth has now transitioned to one spurred on by a burgeoning middle class looking to tap into our services industry. As China continues to develop into a modern economy Nikko Asset Management believes we need to reframe our thinking around it to ensure we continue to benefit from its growth, as well as viewing it through the greater lens as it relates to global equity allocation.

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Is There Still Value to be Found in Developed Markets?

In an age where asset prices have risen steadily for years it can be difficult to uncover value. Advisers need to help their clients apply a strategic filter across their portfolios to evaluate their investments and ensure they are aligned with their goals. More importantly, advisers need to think critically about the fund managers they’re working with: how they assess value and what gives them an edge – all with the end client in mind.

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The Connected Client: What is the Expectation for Engagement?

We live in a world where there’s no shortage of investment information for advisers and investors, but how do you cut through the noise to make informed decisions? Nikko Asset Management questions whether the flood of information is doing more harm than good. Managing director Sam Hallinan makes a case for why it’s now more important than ever for investment managers to filter the messaging they send advisers so they can, in turn, have meaningful conversations with their clients to help them realise their investment potential and manage their behaviour.

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