Common mistakes clients make with investment properties

Soccer star Kyah Simon takes her sport very seriously, and is also passionate about her Aboriginal activism. She was also raised with a keen understanding for the value of money, and with the help of her financial adviser, she’s about to learn even more.

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This course will give you insights into: 

The suitability of investment properties for certain clients
Explaining how clients can build wealth outside of property
Why compounding is a crucial component of client education
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Outline of the course /

Common mistakes clients make with investment properties

Part 1 of this CPD course, featuring soccer star Kyah Simon, examines Australians' love-affair with property investing and the typical mistakes clients can make along the way.

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Helping clients structure property so it works for them

Part 2 of this CPD course goes deeper into the specifics of Kyah’s investment strategy, including some issues she may have made with how her investment property is structured.

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Building portfolios that aren’t driven by legislative change

Part 3 of this CPD course looks at how her adviser complements Kyah’s property investment with a broader, more diversified portfolio.

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