Education and professional standards update

Dante De Gori. chief executive Financial Planning Association

In this No More Practice/FPA Quarterly Update, Dante De Gori sits down with Vanessa Stoykov to discuss the key legislative, cultural and professional issues affecting your financial services industry. This quarter, he delves into the incoming education and professional standards, what impact the Life Insurance Reforms will have on the industry as well as why he believes the financial services industry does not need a Royal Commission.

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What you'll learn /

In the FPA Quarterly Update – September 2016, Dante De Gori will discuss:


The incoming education and professional standards
What impact the Life Insurance Reforms will have on the industry
Why financial services does not need a Royal Commission
How accountants can help to fill the advice gap
Who is likely to be levied for our watchdog?
What the review of External Dispute Resolution Schemes means for you
How to get on the front foot with robo-advice

About the expert /

Dante De Gori /

chief executive Financial Planning Association

Dante De Gori is the Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). A proud CFP® professional, Dante is passionate about advancing the financial planning profession, supporting FPA members through change and building widespread consumer trust.

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Outline of the course /

Education and professional standards update

In order to transition into a profession, Australia’s financial services industry needs to boost the education and professional standards of its advisers. FPA chief executive, Dante De Gori, provides an update on what this will mean for you.

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Life insurance reforms

Stemming from a 2014 ASIC report into commissions and the quality of advice in life insurance, the industry is poised to introduce life insurance reforms to better protect consumers. Dante De Gori explains what impact these reforms will have.

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Calls for a royal commission

A Royal Commission into financial services runs the risk of holding the industry back, says Dante De Gori. In this update, he explains why it won’t bring progress and what steps have been taken instead to achieve this.

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Licensing for accountants

The incoming education standards are going to create a bottle neck of supply for financial advisers which accountants can help to address by becoming licensed to provide advice, says FPA chief executive Dante De Gori.

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Will licensees be levied for our watchdog?

Under a proposal for the industry to fund ASIC, licensees would be levied to support the regulator. FPA chief executive Dante De Gori explains what this would mean for advisers and why the FPA is interested in developing a system that rewards good behaviour.

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Review of external dispute resolution schemes

The government has called for a review into External Dispute Resolution Schemes to examine the potential opportunity to amalgamate the current schemes. FPA chief executive, Dante De Gori, explains what advisers need to be aware of surrounding this process.

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What will robo-advice mean for financial services industry?

Advisers need to ensure they stay abreast of developments in robo-advice and digital technology so they can better scale their businesses to serve and engage consumers now and in the future, FPA chief executive Dante De Gori says.

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