What Does Fixed Income Hold in 2018?

Anne Anderson. Head of Fixed Income and Investment Solutions, Australia UBS Asset Management

As an asset class, fixed income is often overlooked in favour of newer and more dynamic investment strategies, however, at a time when we’re expecting to feel the result of quantitative tightening around the globe, and volatility and uncertainty are returning to markets, perhaps predictability and stability of returns are just what’s needed. In this Market Update, Anne Anderson of UBS Asset Management makes a case for fixed income, how it’s being used by younger investors to realise their goals, and why it’s needed now more than ever.

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What you'll learn /

The UBS Asset Management Market Update course on the value of fixed income with Anne Anderson will give you insights into:

How fixed income can provide diversity and stability to your clients’ portfolios
How younger investors are using fixed income as part of a holistic investment strategy
The diversity and optionality offered by this asset class
The likely impacts of quantitative tightening on investment portfolios

About the expert /

Anne Anderson /

Head of Fixed Income and Investment Solutions, Australia UBS Asset Management

Anne Anderson has overall responsibility for the Australian Fixed Income business and investment activities at UBS Asset Management. Anne chairs the Australian senior strategy group. She is also a member of the Global Fixed Income Management Committee and Global Fixed Income Investment Committee. Anne joined UBS Asset Management in 1993 and has built significant experience in investment roles across the global and APAC regional business at UBS Asset Management.

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Outline of the course /

Why Fixed Income is the New Black

Due to the stability of income it provides, fixed interest can form part of a real returns strategy for younger investors helping them to save for and achieve their financial goals, like saving for a home deposit. In this video, Anne Anderson of UBS Asset Management discusses the merits of using fixed income as an anchor in your portfolio and as part of a holistic investment strategy.

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Not all Income is Equal

In a time when we’re entering a heightened period of volatility, investors need to have confidence in the value of an asset class and the regular stream of income it can provide to them. Fixed income, which exhibits low correlation to equities, can provide investors with peace of mind, while also offering them flexibility and helping to diversify their portfolios, says Anne Anderson of UBS Asset Management.

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State of Fixed Income in the World Today

The past year has witnessed the slow but steady withdrawal of monetary policy around the globe, which means markets are likely to experience a much higher degree of volatility and uncertainty moving forward. As Anne Anderson of UBS Asset Management explains, this has implications for fixed income, as well as for active managers, who now have more opportunity to add value to client portfolios.

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