Future Talk

Future Talk Part 1

In this CPD course, watch candid conversations Bryce Doherty, CEO at UBS Asset Management has with Senator Andrew Bragg, and Sally Loane at the FSC on the future of the financial services industry. 

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This course will give you insights into:

The changing financial services landscape in Australia
The cost of advising a single client today
What needs to change in super
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Outline of the course /

The most partisan policy in Australia

Bryce Doherty at UBS Asset Management speaks to Sally Loane, CEO of the Financial Services Council (FSC) about her previous work as a political journalist, how she believes politics has become more polarised and its impact on financial services and superannuation.

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Why it costs so much to advise a client in today’s climate

In this episode, Sally Loane discusses the immense changes the industry has faced and despite this, research undertaken by the FSC revealed that for there is still a great deal of trust in financial advisers. Sally Loane shares her passion for Australian’s need of advice, but how the added complexity, and hurdles with compliance mean the cost of advice is only increasing.

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Why the tinkering with super isn’t over yet

We are arguably at a point where we need to be thinking about using superannuation to really reduce the burden on taxpayers with the government funded pension. In this video, Sally Loane discusses with Bryce Doherty that although superannuation had developed significantly, there are still a lot of reforms that we need to achieve.

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Why compliance is slowing down innovation

How technology is enabling better engagement for consumers with their superannuation is a hot topic. Sally Loane shares how there continues to be innovations in digital tools, there’s still some way to go for financial services to improve efficiencies around the big barriers to entry and compliance costs, and people’s engagement with their super.

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Is technology a threat to advice?

Senator Andrew Bragg, who formerly worked in the financial services industry sits down with Bryce Doherty and discusses all things politics and his role as a chair on a committee around Fintech delving into Australia’s competitive position.

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The long kiss goodnight for grandfathering

In this episode, Senator Andrew Bragg discusses how the decision to push through the Royal Commission implementation quickly was important to help start to restore community confidence. Andrew and Bryce also discuss the increasing cost of delivering advice, and Andrew’s firm believes in the value of advice and it being affordable, but also the challenges that inevitably come with it.

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The great super contributions debate. Where do you stand?

In this episode, Bryce Doherty discusses with Senator Andrew Bragg about the evolution of superannuation, the Productivity Commission, and the question of if people who are on a wage below $50,000 should have the option to opt in and opt out.

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Is the super industry working for itself or its members?

Senator Andrew Bragg discusses the need in a cultural shift around how Australian’s perceive technology, and it being seen as a threat to people’s jobs. He also shares his thoughts on why the government has a long way to go in areas compared to other markets.

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