Future Talk

Future Talk Part 2

In this CPD course,  you will watch candid chats with leaders on the future of the financial services industry. This program is where industry leaders discuss change, market evolution and strategy – focusing on politics, advice, superannuation and platforms. 

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This course will give you insights into:

Retail funds versus industry funds
The challenges facing financial advice
The legal definitions of advice
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Outline of the course /

Where next for a post-NAB MLC?

In this video, Bryce Doherty at UBS Asset Management speaks to MLC CEO Geoff Lloyd about what’s in store for MLC following the NAB de-merger and how the company is navigating a post-Royal Commission financial services sector.

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The dangers of the retail vs. industry fund debate

What’s being lost in the tribal arguments between retail and industry super funds? As Geoff Lloyd discusses, quite a bit – and it may be obfuscating far more important concerns.

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Rebuilding personal and general advice from the ground up

With financial advice becoming more difficult (and more expensive) to provide than ever before, Geoff Lloyd makes the case for a complete overhaul of the regulatory framework underpinning it. Is it time for a change – or has advice been tinkered with enough?

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The way forward for an advice industry in turmoil

Given his position at MLC, Geoff Lloyd is intimately familiar with the current challenges facing Australian wealth management. But in this video, he explores the ways in which the industry can move past these difficult times.

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How many years will it take for advice to recover?

In this video, Bryce Doherty at UBS Asset Management speaks to Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) CEO Phil Kewin about the detrimental effects recent regulatory reforms – FASEA, in particular – have had on financial advice, and how long he predicts it will take for the industry to put itself back together.

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The benefits of advice associations joining forces

AFA CEO Phil Kewin explores how different industry stakeholders can work together to achieve common goals, using Labor’s recent controversial franking credits proposal as an example.

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How super can be used to engage with clients

With so many Australians either averse to or ignorant of financial advice, how can the advice industry – currently struggling under the weight of the Royal Commission and recent reforms – reach them? In this video, AFA CEO Phil Kewin explores one potential avenue.

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What advisers are looking for in platforms

The platform sector has matured significantly over the past 10 years and in many cases now supports advisers in everyday business. But is there more to be done? AFA CEO Phil Kewin explores what advisers are looking for.

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