How family protection insurance saved Caitlin

Pina Sciarrone. Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

An accident or illness can have devastating consequences for clients and that’s before financial considerations are even taken into account. When Carla's daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia she never imagined how much her adviser and AIA insurance would be able to provide the support she needed. Due to having family income protection insurance Carla was able to be there for her child when she needed her most.  


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The AIA ‘Caitlin’s story’ Insurance Masters course with Pina Sciarrone will give you insights into:

How illness can have devastating consequences and can disrupt finances
Why advisers should be discussing their insurance needs with their clients
How to talk to clients about family protection insurance

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Pina Sciarrone /

Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

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How insurance let Carla support her daughter when she needed it most

When Carla's daughter Caitlin was diagnosed with leukaemia and was required to have two years of treatment, she knew she she needed to be by her side but didn’t know how she would be able to pay the bills and mortgage without being able to work. Insurance took care of her financial worries, so she could dedicate her time to Caitlin getting better.

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What every adviser must know if they care about their client’s family

Caitlin’s story is a great example of how insurance can change people’s lives. When Carla found out her daughter would need a 2-year treatment program, insurance meant that she could be by her daughter’s side throughout this period.

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Talking about insurance options with your clients

Talking to client about the “what ifs” of something happening to their child can be challenging. It is important for advisers to have these conversations and ask their clients about what they would do if the unthinkable happened and their child suffered a major accident or illness. Family income insurance could give a client financial piece of mind in the case that a situation like this arose.

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The benefits of family protection insurance

Family protection Insurance is important for advisers to be able to discuss with their clients. Pina Sciarrone explains what to look for when discussing how appropriate Family Protection Insurance is for your clients.

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