How Insurance enabled Ingrid to have peace of mind during a crisis

Pina Sciarrone. Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

An illness can have devastating consequences for clients. In this AIA Australia claimant story, we meet Ingrid who after receiving the devastating news that she had cancer, needed to be able to focus physically and emotionally on getting the best treatment for her recovery. Thanks to her adviser and her Crisis Recovery and Income Protection Insurance she was able to.

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The AIA ‘Ingrid’s story’ Insurance Masters course with Pina Sciarrone will give you insights into:

How devastating illness can disrupt your work and life
The benefit of Crisis Recovery Benefit and Income Protection Insurance
How to discuss insurance needs with your clients

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Pina Sciarrone /

Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

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The partnership between insurance and advice

When Ingrid received a devasting diagnosis that she had cancer and work was no longer an option, focusing on getting better needed to be the priority, not the added stress of losing her income. Pina Sciarrone shares what the partnership between insurance and advice can really look like and the critical difference it can make in someone’s life.

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How you can give your clients peace of mind during a crisis

In this video, Pina Sciarrone shares the importance of the adviser mapping out with their clients the potential situations in which they may be diagnosed with an illness or experience an accident, and ensuring a plan would be in place that covers their income. In Ingrid’s case, Crisis Recovery Insurance worked together with Income Protection, allowing her to focus on recovery.

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Talking to her clients so they are prepared for all incomes

Pina Sciarrone explains what to look for when discussing with your clients what works best for them in terms of the insurance process – and why being very involved is key. When it comes to insurance claims, the three-way partnership between the client, adviser and insurance company becomes critical.

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