How to handle the information overload

Andrew Clifford. chief executive officer Platinum Asset Management

Despite living in an age where we’re absolutely deluged with information, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the signal from the noise. This is especially true in investing, where markets can be influenced by something so small as an errant Tweet. In this Market Update series, Platinum CEO Andrew Clifford explores where the true opportunities are hiding.

What you'll learn /

This Platinum Market Update with Andrew Clifford will give you insights into:

Investing through increasing volatility
How a company’s fundamentals are separate from the “noise” around it
Why active investing shouldn’t be about “hugging the index”

About the expert /

Andrew Clifford /

chief executive officer Platinum Asset Management

Andrew joined Platinum Asset Management as a founding member in 1994 in the capacity of director and Deputy Chief Investment Officer. Previously he was a Vice President of Bankers Trust Australia covering Asian equities and managing the BT Select Market Trust - Pacific Basin Fund. In May 2013, Andrew was appointed Chief Investment Officer. Andrew was manager for the Platinum Asia Fund from inception of the Fund in 2003 until December 2014 and is co-manager of the Platinum International Fund.

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Outline of the course /

Noise to signal: investing through information excess

The 24-hour news cycle never ends, and with fears of how trade wars and rising interest rates will affect global markets, the investment opportunities of the past may well not be the same as today. But given the proliferation of information available at our fingertips, is it becoming easier or harder to take action?

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Understanding missed opportunities

In a world of rising volatility, investors are generally gravitating towards “absolute certainties.” Any variabilities tend to provoke fear and doubt, but according to Andrew Clifford, that’s exactly where the opportunities lie.

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The shift to indexing and what it means for active management

How is the rise of index strategies, and the vast amounts of money being directed towards them, affecting global markets? It may be too difficult to say at this point, but one thing’s clear: to be an active manager in this landscape, you have to be truly “active” in your approach.

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