Income Protection and how it saved Andrew

Pina Sciarrone. Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

A herniated disc sounds agonising enough. But add to that the fact that you’re a brand-new parent, and you’re in whole new world of pain. This was the reality for Andrew and his family when he got injured at work. With wife Hayley on maternity leave and Andrew out of work (and a long medical journey ahead of him), just keeping up with the mortgage wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for the insurance cover they’d had the foresight to take out.


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The AIA ‘Andrew’s story’ Insurance Masters course with Pina Sciarrone will give you insights into:

How suddenly life-changing events can disrupt finances
The value of Income Protection
AIA’s philosophy around Income Protection
The type of person who benefits most from Income Protection

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Pina Sciarrone /

Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

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How Income Protection saved Andrew

Andrew’s herniated disc could have doomed his family to financial uncertainty, however Income Protection gave him the opportunity and peace-of-mind to recover properly. Pina Sciarrone of AIA explains how Income Protection not only saved his finances, but restored his dignity.

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Why every client should understand Income Protection

It’s common to insure cars and homes, yet despite its importance, income tends to fall by the insurance wayside. Pina Sciarrone outlines why financial advisers should be ensuring their clients are aware of the benefits, and the option, of Income Protection.

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It’s about so much more than money

A lot more happens behind-the-scenes with insurance than numbers and spreadsheets. Pina Sciarrone explains what else goes on with insurance and the systems in place to secure both income and recovery.

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