Investing for the long run to realise value

Jason Kim. portfolio manager & senior analyst Nikko Asset Management

In a two-part conversation with Vanessa Stoykov, Jason Kim of Nikko Asset Management, explores the concept of value – what it is, how to access it and the role patience plays in assisting investors to realise value. Part one sees Jason make the case for value investing in a low returns environment, whereas, in part two, Jason explains how emotions influence your client’s investment decisions.

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What you'll learn /

The Nikko Asset Management Thought Leaders course with Jason Kim will give you insights into:


How Nikko AM identifies and assesses value
What role emotions play when it comes to investing
How to be patient in a low returns investment environment
Why investors are turning to safety at any price

About the expert /

Jason Kim /

portfolio manager & senior analyst Nikko Asset Management

Jason Kim is co-portfolio manager for the Nikko AM Australian Share Wholesale Fund, Nikko AM CVA Plus Strategy and Nikko AM Australian Share Concentrated Fund. He has 24 years’ experience, including 21 years in funds management and three years with the Commonwealth Public Service. Prior to joining, Jason worked with ASSIRT and Deutsche Funds Management as a quantitative analyst and portfolio manager focusing on strategic asset allocation, managed funds research and risk control. Jason has analyst responsibilities for the Insurance sector.

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Outline of the course /

Investing for the long run to realise value

In a lower returns environment, the likelihood of companies being able to sustain great returns year-on-year may be diminished. As such, investors would need to employ other strategies if they want to continue to boost their portfolios. In the first of two conversations, Jason Kim, portfolio manager and senior analyst of Nikko Asset Management, discusses the role of value in investing with Vanessa Stoykov and makes a case for why your clients need to master the art of patience and learn to stand their ground if they want to achieve returns moving forward.

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How emotions are influencing your clients’ investment decisions

Markets are driven by emotions, primarily greed and fear. In our current low returns environment, fear is propelling investors towards safety at any price, but as Jason Kim, portfolio manager and senior analyst at Nikko Asset Management, explains to Vanessa Stoykov, there are other options. In the second of two conversations, Jason makes a case for value investing outlining what characteristics value investors seek out in the market and how discipline and patience can reward your clients over the long run.

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