Market efficiencies in the age of information

Ed Blain. Investment Team Orbis Investments

As Warren Buffett once said, it pays to be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy. This is never more true than when looking at the global opportunity set, where an abundance of headlines can create a lot of fear and confusion. When investing from a contrarian perspective, these are the moments to take the path less travelled.

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This course will give you insights into: 

How fake news can sometimes be your friend
The impact of the rise of passive investing
European investment opportunities

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Ed Blain /

Investment Team Orbis Investments

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Why even the biggest crises bring opportunity

Even when there are parts of the world beset by economic crises, there are other places that are doing a lot better. The key is to look beyond the short-term pains and consider long-term gains and remember that at any point in time, there’s always something to be scared of and always an opportunity not far away.

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Are markets becoming more or less efficient?

With the volume of information about global markets now available at the press of a button, so to speak, you might wonder whether this has led to any greater or diminished efficiencies. If all the stories are saying the same thing, should that not naturally lead to greater efficiencies in markets? The answer is that it depends on your time horizon.

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Why you should be greedy when others are fearful (and vice versa)

Even a simple, localised worry about a particular company’s future prospects can lead to investors fleeing en masse, but sometimes this is premature. For the investor who’s willing to stick to their strategy, though, that flight response can be very useful in dictating where the opportunities are.

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