Platinum’s outlook for the year ahead

Andrew Clifford. chief executive officer Platinum Asset Management

In this market update series from Platinum Asset Management, chief investment officer, Andrew Clifford shares his views on what the group’s excited about in 2017, how his team works to identify the biggest market risks, and the investment philosophy that underpins the Platinum brand.

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What you'll learn /

The Platinum Asset Management Market Update with Andrew Clifford will give you insights into:


Platinum’s investment expectations for 2017
How Platinum identifies investment opportunities around the globe
How to spot the biggest market risks
The investment philosophy behind Platinum Asset Management

About the expert /

Andrew Clifford /

chief executive officer Platinum Asset Management

Andrew joined Platinum Asset Management as a founding member in 1994 in the capacity of director and Deputy Chief Investment Officer. Previously he was a Vice President of Bankers Trust Australia covering Asian equities and managing the BT Select Market Trust - Pacific Basin Fund. In May 2013, Andrew was appointed Chief Investment Officer. Andrew was manager for the Platinum Asia Fund from inception of the Fund in 2003 until December 2014 and is co-manager of the Platinum International Fund.

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Outline of the course /

What's Platinum excited about in 2017?

With the rest of the world distracted by negative market news, this creates the perfect opportunity for Platinum Asset Management to find and invest in stocks which are currently undervalued. As the group’s chief investment officer, Andrew Clifford explains, there are still lots of good investment bargains to be found if you know where to look.

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Identifying the biggest risks

Investors’ desire to avoid risks at all costs has seen many overpay for what they deem to be safe assets and inadvertently take on more risk in the process. Platinum Asset Management is of the view that safety or risk is the price you pay for an asset.

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The Platinum way

Key to the success of Platinum Asset Management is the ability to identify stocks which others are fearful of, yet have the potential to turn around over time. As chief investment officer, Andrew Clifford explains, this is no easy task and requires years of patience to payoff.

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