The diversification benefits of emerging markets

Emerging markets, by their very nature, are characterised by incredibly diverse investment opportunities. And while there are certainly pockets of volatility, Geoffrey Wong explains how a disciplined approach can yield strong risk-adjusted returns.

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This course will give you insights into: 

The “premiumisation” of emerging markets
The growth of intra-Asian trade
The role emerging markets can play in investment portfolios
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Where can you get both growth and diversification?

Part 1 of this CPD course: Compared to other asset classes, valuations are currently quite reasonable in emerging markets. Even with historical tailwinds behind them, there are still long-term benefits to investing in EM, both in terms of growth and diversification in your investment portfolio.

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Premiumisation: what is it, and how can you benefit?

Part 2 of this CPD course: One of the most interesting aspects of investing in emerging markets is the “premiumisation” factor, where burgeoning consumer classes begin to demand more sophisticated goods and services. This phenomenon extends to industries like cosmetics, automobiles and even education.

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The one thing you need to focus on in times of volatility

Part 3 of this CPD course: As an investor, it’s easy to get caught up in the major headlines – wars, epidemics, trade conflicts. How do, or should, they affect your investment strategy? As it happens, it’s often better to examine your investments on a company-by-company level to get a clearer picture.

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From old to new: the EM cycle

Part 4 of this CPD course: A characteristic of many emerging markets is the cycle of capital expenditure and reinvestment. Certain industries that may have fallen out of favour for global investors are now attracting attention again, but in order to find out where those opportunities are, it helps to have boots on the ground.

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