The future of healthcare

Bianca Ogden. Portfolio Manager 

In this Thought Leaders Series, Platinum Asset Management portfolio manager Bianca Ogden discusses why healthcare is becoming such an exciting sector to invest in, touching on the new technologies and distribution methods being deployed and how certain traditional elements of healthcare are being disrupted.

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Building a better industry course with Bianca Ogden will give you insights into:

How healthcare is becoming a significant investment opportunity
The future of the healthcare distribution value chain
The investment potential of “bespoke” medical treatments

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Bianca Ogden /

Portfolio Manager 

Molecular biology was Bianca’s first love before she discovered the joys and challenges of investing. After spending some time at Swiss pharmaceuticals company Novartis researching new HIV drugs (one of which has been approved and is in use today), Bianca went on to complete a PhD at UCL, investigating Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus. She then migrated to Australia and joined Johnson & Johnson as a molecular biologist, researching new drug targets in oncology. Bianca embarked on a career change in 2003 and joined Platinum as an investment analyst. Her rich knowledge base in molecular biology and first-hand insights into the pharmaceutical and biotech industry give her a unique ability to delve deeply into the fundamentals of healthcare companies and identify those with a solid foundation in scientific research.

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Outline of the course /

The next big investment opportunity

While tech stocks tend to dominate the headlines, there’s a quiet achiever that may soon be the next big sector for investors.

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The early detection toolkit

Medical technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, particularly as it pertains to early-stage detection.

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Can we tailor medicine to the person?

We're now moving to a new medical paradigm where drugs can be tailored to a person's individual circumstances. What will this mean for the future of the healthcare value chain?

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What will become of the humble pharmacy?

The disruption of the healthcare sector may see the way we buy medicine and fill prescriptions radically changing.

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