The Infrastructure Opportunity

Jeremy Anagnos. Chief Investment Officer, Infrastructure CBRE Clarion Securities

As the backbone of our daily lives – from the bridges we cross to the electricity we use – infrastructure requires constant upkeep, upgrades and reinvestment. In this Market Update episode, Jeremy Anagnos of CBRE Clarion Securities examines how this basic principle, in addition to new types of emerging infrastructure, underscores an attractive investment opportunity.

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This UBS Market Update course with Jeremy Anagnos will give you insights into:

The characteristics of the listed infrastructure asset class
The rise of renewable energy investments
Why data is the next major infrastructure opportunity
How the crisis of ageing infrastructure is giving rise to new investments

About the expert /

Jeremy Anagnos /

Chief Investment Officer, Infrastructure CBRE Clarion Securities

Prior to joining CBRE Clarion Securities in 2011, Mr. Anagnos served as Co-Chief Investment Officer of CB Richard Ellis Investors’ Securities Team responsible for portfolio management of global real estate securities separate accounts and funds.  Mr. Anagnos was a founder of the securities group at CBRE and assisted in raising over $3 billion in assets as well as overseeing the global 28 member investment and operations team.  During his career, Mr. Anagnos has worked in various management and research positions in the real estate industry with LaSalle Investment Management in Baltimore/Amsterdam and Deutsche Bank in London. Mr. Anagnos has over 23 years of real estate investment management experience. 

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Data: the next major commodity

According to research, mobile data usage will rise to 701,000 petabytes by 2021 - up from 43,000 in 2015. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the internet, companies are striving to keep up with this demand – by developing new data centres, upgrading cell phone towers, designing new wireless technologies and laying down fibre wire. Since this theme isn’t going away, data will likely remain a significant investment focus for quite some time.

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Simply irreplaceable

Many infrastructure assets are designed to stand the test of time – think bridges, roads, water pipes and so on. Despite this, they require regular maintenance lest they fall into disrepair. In many parts of the world, governments are struggling to keep up. Jeremy Anagnos explains how this creates opportunities for infrastructure investors to partake in (and reap the rewards from) the stable level of upkeep requires to keep our most essential assets working as we’d expect.

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Renewables: invest in the inevitable

As industry and governments move away from coal power generation to renewable sources, infrastructure companies are working on developing wind turbines, solar farms and other technologies. On top of this, though, they also need to lay the groundwork to connect these new energy sources to the grid, creating additional investment potential.

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The infrastructure opportunity

As the backbone of our daily lives – from the bridges we cross to the electricity we use – infrastructure requires constant upkeep, upgrades and reinvestment.

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