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Building a risk only business – what does it take?

Pina Sciarrone. Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

In this CPD course, Pina Sciarrone from AIA Australia sits down with Kris Mason from MBS Insurance to explore the key things you need to know about the benefits of a risk only business and how scale can work to your advantage.

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This course will give you insights into:

The benefits of a risk only business
How collaboration can improve your business
How scale in a business can be key to success

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Pina Sciarrone /

Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

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Outline of the course /

What it takes to make a strong risk only business

Kris Mason sat down with Pina Sciarrone to discuss the challenges are around running a large risk based business in today’s climate and how t they have still be able to grow the business to where it is today and the varied skillset of advisers work together. grow Also, how the advisers at MBS Insurance work together to make a successful advice business.

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The challenges of scaling a risk business

Kris Mason shares how the regulatory changes have impacted MBS Insurance and what changes have had to be incorporated in the business to adhere to the changes. Kris talks to how their business has scaled how a bigger premium under management takes the pressure of their business.

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Strategic planning: the key to successful adaptation

Learn how MBS Insurance works with accountants, dealer groups and their strategic approach to client acquisition. Kris Mason discusses with Pina his tips for advisers who may want to move into the risk insurance space.

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