Breakfast with Vanessa Stoykov talking money / Past Event

13/11/18 6:45am to 8:30am

Money, money, money… most of us want more of it but it’s a topic we don’t always like to honestly and seriously explore. Whether it is or isn’t the main reason we each turn up to work every day, managing money effectively at work and at home is hugely important for business and lifestyle sustainability. 

Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network is talking Money and Wealth Creation with their November guest speaker Vanessa Stoykov.

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What you can expect to learn from this breakfast:

  • The five big lessons around money 
  • Identify what you need to 'unlearn' about money that may be holding you back
  • How to change the way you think about money and life
  • Positive money habits
  • Tools for financial success 

PLUS you’ll get a copy of Vanessa’s latest book The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings.