Growth Generation / Past Event

22/9/20 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Growth Gen, (GG) is an exciting live digital summit that combines living and business to deliver a generational and timeless work-life frame.

As the business world feels the effects of these challenging times, entrepreneurs are questioning the direction of their businesses and are looking for a holistic approach to doing business.

Growth Generation has invited Vanessa Stoykov speak at this upcoming event on the topic of “How to prepare for the economic tsunami that is looming.”

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What to expect?
  • Super inspiring, thought and value driven keynote speakers. 

  • Facilitated networking breakout rooms. We are building our community and we want to know you.

  • Interactive sessions with Live QandA, Polling Questions and access to chat 

  • Your choice of workshops with an equal balance of business and mindful sessions.

  • FREE Live or Virtual Pack included when you book your ticket. It is full of activities for the event. (World First - We are making virtual events engaging.)