Industry’s finest join No More Practice to support advisers

After its recent acquisition by OneVue Holdings, No More Practice Education today announced that it will intensify its communications efforts to provide greater support to the advice sector through this challenging period in the financial services industry.

“OneVue is deepening its commitment to providing the highest quality educational content for financial advisers, accountants and finance professionals. At times like this, education and support is even more critical to our industry.  The Royal Commission, the budget, FASEA requirements and changes to the regulations around limited managed discretionary accounts all provide increased opportunities for those professionals that can respond quickly to these changing dynamics, however we need to work together to find the pathways forward in this new environment” said Managing Director Connie Mckeage.

Under the continued stewardship of No More Practice founder Vanessa Stoykov, award winning journalist Alex Burke joins the team to identify and write about the important issues facing advisers and the industry, with a focus on problem solving and collaboration.

In addition, specialist women’s writer, Bianca Hartge-Hazelman, founder of Financy and the Women’s Index will also join the team.  Bianca is driven to make a difference to both financial advisers and investors, including providing ongoing data and insights from the highly respected Women’s Index, of which OneVue is the Platinum Sponsor for the next three years.

Stoykov said “It’s a dream of mine to see the calibre of people we have brought together to try and make a difference to the financial community. This is our industry and we have a valuable part to play in giving Australians a secure financial future. We are deeply supportive of seeing a thriving high quality financial advice industry, and Australian consumers who have a deeper understanding of money, and how to prepare for their retirement.”

Marcus Field who prior to the acquisition was No More Practice Managing Director, now heads up the entire marketing and communications division for OneVue and continues to collaborate with Stoykov’s production company, evolution media group.  They are in the process of creating the next market leading television series, due for release in October this year.  “We are incredibly excited to show the power of our industry to the world, as it’s never been seen before,” said Stoykov.

With more written education, research, opinions, high quality video, coaching and collaboration, OneVue’s No More Practice Education is set to create a new standard of communications and educational to support advisers, accountants and finance professionals. 

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