No More Practice Education joins the OneVue family

An excerpt from the OneVue ASX announcement.

Yesterday, OneVue announced to the ASX the acquisition of online video learning platform No More Practice Education, the leader in digitally delivered education to financial advisers, accountants, and brokers. OneVue has also acquired No More Practice Education’s consumer facing education portal, The Investment Series.

Connie Mckeage, OneVue CEO said, “This is one more step in our strategy of creating a digital community that connects fund managers more directly to advisers and investors. With over 20,000 registered users, No More Practice Education creates a solid foundation from which to deliver additional value to fund managers, investors and advisers.

“As Australia’s largest provider of managed funds administration, we are constantly challenging ourselves on how we might do things better. We are committed to helping fund managers reclaim their voice in the industry.  No More Practice Education helps fund managers communicate via education more effectively to a larger audience faster. We want fund managers to be proud of what we create to help educate the market and we want advisers to have greater access to quality information so they can, in turn, deliver greater value to their own clients.”

Vanessa Stoykov founder and CEO of No More Practice Education said, “We are very pleased about the acquisition by OneVue and where it will take No More Practice Education from here, whilst remaining true to the founding principles of independence and education. This relationship with OneVue is an enormous stride forward in achieving our passion of making pensions irrelevant for Generation X and beyond. To reach more people, we needed scale and access to leading technology. OneVue provides both. More importantly, however, we share a vision of how we can create greater opportunity for investors to access professional advisers and fund managers at lower cost and with greater transparency.”

Ms Stoykov has been retained on a consulting basis to contribute to OneVue’s leadership team agenda and oversee NMPE editorial, while her media production business evolution media group has signed a long-term contract to continue creating high quality educational content, simplifying messaging and challenging the status quo. Marcus Field, No More Practice Education’s Managing Director, will head up Group Marketing for OneVue.

“This is one of those transactions where 1+1=3” Ms Stoykov stated. “This should be a win for everyone involved but mostly a win for fund managers, advisers and their clients.”

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