The new No More Practice

We heard you.

No More Practice Education is proud to announce the release of its new website. Access to relevant information and thought leadership for the financial services industry is more important than ever in the current Royal Commission environment, and we are dedicated to providing quality opinions and education to support our community. Our new design brings the most relevant industry content straight to your homepage and keeps you informed of all our new content.

“Finding the best information quickly and easily is vital for members of our industry”, said No More Practice Education Managing Director, Marcus Field.

“Everything we’ve done in the past year has been with the aim of supporting and informing members of our community through perhaps the most turbulent time in the history of Australian financial services.”

“This redesign will put our most important pieces front and centre. Whether it be on the royal commission, changing regulation, market updates or CPD training, our aim is to deliver information quickly and efficiently into our busy readers’ lives.”

We’ve also taken action around some of the most common feedback we’ve received from you. Expect to see from today a more readable, relevant and easier-to-use

We will continue to bring you the best in financial services education and entertainment.

- End -

For further information, please contact:

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