This is where advisers win, hands down

Vanessa Stoykov,  creator,  No More Practice

It’s been a while since I could talk about advisers getting a win. Quite a while, in fact. By the messages and comments you’re all sending me, I know that life has been pretty tough for some time for financial advisers.

However, I wanted to share some green shoots with you regarding the Australian public’s reaction to quality advice. It comes from looking at the analytics of our TV show, Secrets of the Money Masters. As the numbers roll in, I’m feeling more and more hopeful about the future of advice and the take-up you will get of new clients who desperately need what you do.

For a start, our reach was up by 74% on last year. Yes, we had more celebrities this time – it helps to show people who are well-known having an advice experience – and we had a full hour per episode, but at the end of the day, the demand for the content has to be about more than celebrities. With partners like Domain bringing in a million viewers, and our digital reach included, our program reached 7.4 million Australians.

That’s 7.4 million people who saw first-hand the difference a financial adviser can make to financial certainty and wealth creation. We had thousands of people accessing of our free resources – eBooks featuring investing tips from our Money Masters. We also had our biggest take-up ever of our content on social media – with meaningful views, not just a glance as they thumbed past.

Having the resources of the OneVue Group, and the technology and new web experience to match has really helped. And it shows me that organisations in this industry can make an enormous difference in rebuilding trust and driving demand for quality advice and investing.

The advisers who did appear on our program are all telling me it’s been an amazing experience.

They have had new clients, and feedback from their communities supporting and admiring what they were doing with our athletes. It must have been a great feeling for those five advisers to have so much positivity surrounding the work they do – not to mention our expert panellists, who attracted media attention as well.

For those of you who supported our program – thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have spent 25 years trying to bring our industry closer to the Australian public, in a way they will understand, and this is by far the closest we have ever come. And while it’s clearly not over yet, and we have a long way to go, these numbers, reach and engagement tell me without a doubt that there is not stopping an idea whose time has come.

So be proud of what you do, and keep talking about the difference you make. More than anyone in our industry, advisers have the ability to make a one-on-one difference to real people. Whether it be working with super funds (and so many are embracing the concept of attracting even more advisers) or independently, know the need for you wins, hands down, over negative media or political reform.

While it may be choppy waters, the need is there and the future is showing you are definitely part of the landscape. The numbers don't lie.

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Marc Bineham


Well done Vanessa. People are just busy and so don't have time to understand what value advisers can bring to their lives, and how they can make a difference but making in interesting like you and your team do, gets the cut through that we have been searching for for years. Keep up the good work.

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