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Season One: Incredible Women

After Hours takes a look behind the scenes to tackle the big issues and explore the conversations the industry needs to have in order to move forward. The industry experts featured in this series are the forefront of change, and are leading the way with long-terms trends for industry improvement. 

A new episode will be released every Wednesday night at 8:30pm.

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24 May 2017

Heather Brilliant on the advice she’d give to future leaders

Heather Brilliant, chief executive of Morningstar Australasia, inherited her passion for investing from her grandmother who turned to the stock mar....

24 May 2017

Heather Brilliant on incentivising the right measures

In order for the financial services industry to fulfil its fiduciary duty, incentives for fund managers and advisers need to be aligned with optima....

17 May 2017

Pina Sciarrone on overcoming expectations

Growing up in a traditional Italian family, Pina Sciarrone, chief retail officer of AIA Australia, has had to work hard to break through barriers a....

17 May 2017

Pina Sciarrone on the myth of work-life balance

The crisis of trust in financial services has meant that many Australians aren’t insuring their most valuable assets – themselves. Pina Sciarro....

10 May 2017

Connie McKeage on the biggest leadership challenges she’s faced

Growing up on a farm in rural Canada saw Connie McKeage come to value the importance of self-sufficiency and problem solving, two skills she still ....

10 May 2017

Connie McKeage on the purpose of financial services

Australia’s financial services industry needs to be profitable in order to innovate and operate successfully, but has it gone too far in looking ....

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