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Blair McDonough had no idea what to do when it came to managing his family’s money. He was so afraid of the process, he did nothing. Take a peek at our series trailer and get a sense of the journey he went on in this year’s Learn from the Money Masters.

Featuring some of the biggest names in finance from Platinum, UBS, Perpetual, Nikko AM, Orbis Investments, AIA Australia and research houses Morningstar, Lonsec and Zenith as well as one of Australia’s top CFP advisers, see what the Money Masters had to say to Aussie celeb Blair McDonough about reinventing his sources of income.

Coming to Channel 9 Saturdays, 12:30pm from October 14.


The Investment Series S1:E6

The Guardians hand down their feedback after hearing pitches from Brian Parker, Andy Budden and Sue Herrald.

The Investment Series S1:E5

Brian Parker, Andy Budden and Sue Herrald pitch their funds and tax structures to the Guardians.

The Investment Series S1:E4

The Guardians provide their feedback to the money managers: Michael Price, Tracey McNaughton and Bill Priest.

The Investment Series S1:E3

Michael Price, Tracey McNaughton and Bill Priest pitch their different funds to the Guardians.

The Investment Series S1:E2

The Guardians provide their feedback to the money managers: Simon Marais, Greg Paramor and Jeff Brunton.

The Investment Series S1:E1

Welcome to The Investment Series, a show designed to give you an intimate insight into how funds are managed and assessed.

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