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Learn from the Money Masters

Blair McDonough had no idea what to do when it came to managing his family’s money. He was so afraid of the process, he did nothing. Take a peek at our series trailer and get a sense of the journey he went on in this year’s Learn from the Money Masters.

Featuring some of the biggest names in finance from Platinum, UBS, Perpetual, Nikko AM, Orbis Investments, AIA Australia and research houses Morningstar, Lonsec and Zenith as well as one of Australia’s top CFP advisers, see what the Money Masters had to say to Aussie celeb Blair McDonough about reinventing his sources of income.

Coming to Channel 9 Saturdays, 12:30pm from October 14.


The Investment Series S4:E6

In only a few short weeks, celeb investor Blair McDonough has gone from financial novice to informed investor. He’s now ready to explore different investment strategies and put his financial plan into action. In our final episode, Blair meets contrarian investor Graeme Forster of Orbis Investments who shows him there’s another way to approach investing over the long term.

Learn from the Money Masters airs Saturdays 12:30pm on Channel Nine until November 18.

The Investment Series S4:E5

Joel Fleming, portfolio manager, UBS Asset Management

Celeb investor Blair McDonough has come a long way since starting out on his investment journey. He’s now more sophisticated and confident, and is keen to explore different ways to diversify his portfolio. This week he meets Joel Fleming of UBS Asset Management who helps him to think outside of the box when looking for the next big thing. He also gains a greater appreciation for balancing risk and gets a sense of how emerging markets could add value to his portfolio.

The Investment Series S4:E4

Garry Laurence, Perpetual Limited & Pina Sciarrone, AIA Australia

It’s crunch time for our celebrity investor Blair McDonough who, with the help of The Money Masters, has realised just how much is at stake. Blair previously thought his financial future was in order until our adviser gave him a reality check on responsibility. This week, he learns that true value goes deeper than share price and why he needed to adjust his investment strategy as his circumstances changed. He also discovered the value of life insurance and the peace of mind it could offer him and his family for the future.

Learn from the Money Masters airs Saturdays 12:30pm on Channel Nine until November 18.

The Investment Series S4:E3

Kerr Neilson, co-founder & managing director, Platinum Asset Management

Relying on property as a majority investment strategy could leave many Aussies financially ruined, former Neighbours star Blair McDonough included. He initially thought property investment would be his golden ticket to financial security, but The Money Masters helped him see why he needed to diversify and consider the value of shares and international markets to reach his investment goals.


The Investment Series S4:E2

Brad Potter, head of Australian equities, Nikko Asset Management

Investing in property is not always the silver bullet your clients think it will be. It certainly wasn’t for Aussie celeb Blair McDonough who, with the help of The Money Masters, realised he needed to broaden his investment horizons.

The Investment Series S4:E1

Most Aussies think owning a property will underpin their ability to retire. Soap star Blair McDonough did too. The Aussie celeb quickly realises with The Money Masters' help that he will need to reinvent what financial success looks like. In this first episode, financial adviser Simon Clifford helps Blair to cost out his dream and explore his income and investment options.

Top Course /

What you need to know when starting an advice business

In this CPD course, Pina Sciarrone from AIA Australia sits down with Jessica Brady from Fox & Hare - Financial Advice to explore the key things you need to know when starting a new advice business, and how the Royal Commission and legislative changes have impacted the way they work with clients. 

The 6 big questions facing Australian institutional investors

In this course, you'll get actionable insights into the 6 big questions facing Australian institutional investors today.  As with nearly $2.9 trillion in assets, the super sector is now larger than the entire Australian equity market - and it's valuable for advisers to see how these large investors are allocating their funds, as they're in a position to influence how people manager their money into retirement.

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CIOs of Super Part 2

In this CPD course,  you will see Vanessa Stoykov, Jenny Josling  and Jason Ciccalollo (Orbis Investments) interview CIOs Suzanne Branton at CareSuper, Damian Graham at First State Super and Michael Block at Australian Catholic Super on where they see investment opportunities, governance, how they value advice and supporting their members. 

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CIOs of Super Part 1

In this CPD course,  you will see Vanessa Stoykov, Jenny Josling  and Jason Ciccalollo (Orbis Investments) interview CIOs Sam Sicilia at Hostplus, Ian Patrick at Sunsuper and Kristian Fok at CBUS on their investment strategy, how they value advice, and member engagement and returns.

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After Hours - CIOs of Super

In this CPD course,  you will see Vanessa Stoykov, Jenny Josling  and Jason Ciccalollo (Orbis Investments) interview 6 CIOs of super funds. They delve into how they got to where they are, topics they are passionate about, investing processes, challenges they have faced and their views on how super can work best for the members.

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The Investment Series Trailer

The Investment Series is the only reality TV show created to educate the public on the benefits of financial advice and professional money management. Real life investors will feature on the show, with their financial advisers, as they strive towards their wealth goals. On their journeys, the investors will meet elite money managers from around the globe and our Guardians will assist them in learning about a range of financial investment products and strategies. The Investment Series TV Show will broadcast on Channel 9 on Saturdays at 12.00pm. It will also rescreen on GEM on Sundays at 12.30 pm.

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