After Hours - the CTOs of Super

After Hours Season 5 - CTOs of Super explores the technology underpinning Australia’s superannuation system and how it’s being used to increase efficiency and deepen member engagement. On the flipside, the series also shines a light on how those technologies can be (and have been) exploited by criminals, and what the super sector can do about it.

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Future Talk

In this CPD course, watch candid conversations with leaders on the future of the financial services industry. This program is where industry leaders discuss change, market evolution and strategy – focusing on politics, advice, technology and superannuation. 

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After Hours - CIOs of Super

In this CPD course,  you will see Vanessa Stoykov, Jenny Josling  and Jason Ciccalollo (Orbis Investments) interview 6 CIOs of super funds. They delve into how they got to where they are, topics they are passionate about, investing processes, challenges they have faced and their views on how super can work best for the members.

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Practice Matters

Practice Matters focuses on advice practices at different growth stages and provided practical tips and learnings from starting, growing and continuing to make their practice successful in a new legislative environment. 

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Secrets of the Money Masters

Secrets of the Money Masters showcases advisers doing what they do best - helping connect people with their financial goals - along with the robust insights from global investment experts. The series follows Australian sporting stars as they consider diverse issues including diversification, income buckets and insurance. 

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Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are the drivers of powerful ideas who inspire us to achieve progress and success. In this series, Vanessa Stoykov, creator of No More Practice, sits down with a range of industry thought leaders to explore the big picture issues that are currently affecting our financial services industry.

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Money Masters

The Money Masters Series will give you access to exclusive video content and educational materials from some of Australia’s top money managers, in their own words. Through entertainment-led education, you will be guided via unique investment insights to grow your knowledge and to empower your clients.

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Market Update

The Market Update series provides timely and topical insights to issues affecting the financial services and investment industries on both a national and global scale. Industry leaders share their views on current trends, happenings and issues to ensure you have the latest knowledge and can remain ahead of the game.

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FPA Update

The No More Practice/FPA Quarterly Update series explores the legislative, political and cultural issues currently impacting financial services. FPA chief executive, Dante De Gori, discusses what these issues are, how they will affect you, and what you need to know to prepare for change.

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